About Houseper

    HOUSEPER is a home automation system based on the ZigBee 3.0 protocol. It includes a controller and various end devices. It is designed for mass use without the need for individual design and implementation.

  •         There is no need of pre-definition, planning, design, post-implementation, configuration, monitoring. You can do all of this yourself. You can add and remove devices at any time, change configurations and make links between individual system elements;
  •         It is not necessary to open the walls and to wiring cables, because the communication between the devices is wireless;
  •         Devices can be mounted extremely easily - plug directly into the socket or stick with a strong double-sided tape;
  •         You will not worry when you are away from home because you have access to the entire system via your mobile device (s);
  •         The controller is equipped with a battery lasts up to 12 hours when the power supply is off, so the control of your home automation system is reserved. It is also a multimedia TV box with the Android 7.1 operating system, 16 GB EMMC, 2 GB DDR3, packed with a wireless flying mouse with a keyboard.
  •         You do not need to constantly monitor the system. In case of force majeures (flood, fire, intrusion, etc.), you will be immediately notified in your preferred way;

Controller overview


Quick start

  1. Choose a controller
  2. If you want to use the controller as a WiFi router and to have an Internet connection through it, select the Houseper controller (4G LTE). If you have an Internet and you do not need an alternative provider, select the base model Houseper controller
  3. Choose devices - whatever you want. You do not have to take it all at once. You can start with few devices and gradually expand the system.
  4. Order, pay, receive.
  5. Turn on and configure the controller.
  6. Add the devices. For quick instructions, look at the description of each device on this site in a "Join Network" section.
  7. Connect your phone.
  8. Add cameras if you have any.

Detailed information can be found in Manual.

In case of difficulty do not hesitate to contact us at  support@houseper.com