The controller is a major and mandatory component of the Houseper system. It is an Android TV Box with an integrated home automation. It can control a wide range of smart devices and provide remote access to the system.

Internet (in)dependency

    Houseper system does not need permanent internet connectivity. All the logic is inside the controller, which makes it independent and even if the internet stops, the devices and system retain their functionality. The controller needs internet connectivity just to make the initial configuration or subsequent updates and to provide remote access. As for the devices, they communicate on a specially created by the controller network and do not need internet connectivity. The cameras are the only exception, which will require an Internet connection if you want to store the records on a remote server.

Houseper 4G LTE Modem

    If you do not want to lose connection to the system when the internet breaks, then you need a controller with a built-in 4G module. When the main internet is stopped, the controller will switch to the mobile internet and will return to the main internet once it is restored.

Energy redundancy and reliability

    The controller has a built-in battery which in case of power failure and depending on the load will supply it up to 12 hours. Considering that almost all home security devices are battery operated, there will be no significant difference in case of power failure. 

  Houseper rechargeable battery

    Most of the devices are battery operated, so communication between them and the controller will not be interrupted during a power outage. This means that, depending on the used devices, the Houseper system will be able to retain a lot of its functionality. For example, if someone deliberately interrupts mains supply to your property and tries to break into it, it will not go unnoticed by Houseper

Access control and security

    Remote access to the system goes through a special initial authorization procedure, which for security reasons can only be performed locally. Only after the smart device is granted access permission it will be able to connect to the system remotely. Devices that have access to the system can be viewed at any time and their access can be temporarily restricted or completely removed. You can also see which smart devices are currently connected to the system.

    Both remote and local access can be completely stopped. This means that smartphones will not be able to connect to the system and you will be able to control the system only from the controller. 

What else?

Zone management

Scene management

Graphic statistics

Consumption statistics and electricity costs

Statistics for the electricity consumption of the whole property

Management of IP Cameras

Ability to make connection between devices

List of current alarms

History of alarms

Notification settings

Two operating modes - automatic alarm clearing or manual only

Ability to provide statistics according to the time zone of the respective smartphone or controller

Recent actions at the smartphone level

Network and coverage

Languages - Bulgarian and English

Built-in Kodi media player, YouTube, Play Store.

Houseper controller

Houseper controller

    Android 7.1 TV Box, Kodi media player, Zigbee 3.0, battery reserved supply.&..

289.40лв. Ex Tax: 241.17лв.

Houseper controller (4G LTE)

Houseper controller (4G LTE)

    Android 7.1 TV Box, Kodi media player, 4G LTE, Zigbee 3.0, battery reserved ..

410.71лв. Ex Tax: 342.26лв.

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