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At Houseper we work with architects, interior designers and builders to help you introduce smart technology for a better home. With our expertise and experience we can partner with your team to complement domestic, public or commercial interior projects with smart technology and bespoke solutions.

  • Еxpertise & Consultancy
  • Be-spoke Smart Solutions
  • Preferential Rates


Houseper solutions are completely wireless and fit in seamlessly at any stage of the interior design project. We work with leading architects and designers to integrate at concept level the benefits of smart home automation, control, lighting systems, heating design and entertainment, in achieving a bespoke approach to best suit the individual project needs. Along with introducing convenience, comfort and control, our integrated smart energy-saving solutions also add sustainability benefits no matter of the property type. If you are working on rebuilding or renovating a property, we can also help with smart technology solutions that will increase the market value to enhance the property sale or rent.


When working with architects and designers for planning, designing and integrating smart solutions with interior projects, we offer preferential terms and prices for home automation device and system purchasing. Contact us for more information, we will be happy to show you all that the Houseper smart system can do and realise smart projects together!