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Smart Home Comfort




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Designed for absolute convenience and control, our Houseper smart home kit takes home automation and technology to a new level of comfort that is both sophisticated and easy to achieve. With just a few simple clicks from your smartphone, you can now transform your home or any other space into a completely new smart lifestyle.

Smart Security Solution

Smart home security and video control is easy to operate from your smartphone whenever there is any danger of theft or burglary.

Presence Simulation

Even if you are away from home, you can still simulate motion and lighting to avoid unwanted visitors


Immediate alerts are sent in cases of emergency such as gas leakage, smoke, flood or fire

Notifications and Alerts

Houseper sends instant alerts and notifications for every single thing happening in your home at your demand


Scenes are probably the favourite part of all smart home system fans and owners. Scenes are predefined modes (settings) of smart devices that are built around the daily routines and family personal preferences. Most often they involve more than one connected smart devices and are really simple to activate. Click the Add Scene button, enter a scene name with optional description and select the devices you want to add from the list. All created scenes are stored into the system with their current names and settings. You can create a variety of scenes to transform your home atmosphere and mood in seconds – for a good morning, for sleep, for romance or simply for that special shade of light, chosen from the palette of millions of colours that brings in the best ambience.


Our wireless air mouse is an iconic element, created with care for your comfort as an indispensable accessory to the Houseper smart system. It comes as a wireless remote control with two sides. With the first side you can control the cursor on the screen, click, use the back button, turn up and down the volume and operate the entire menu. When turned round to the other side, there is a keyboard that you can type comfortably with while lying on the couch.

Remote Control




You probably often ask yourself whether you turned off the air-conditioner or the coffee machine before leaving the office. Thanks to the convenience and technology provided by the Houseper smart automation system you will no longer need to go back and check. You can now view office surveillance cameras, turn off the air-conditioner or coffee machine and even set room temperature.

Houseper is an intelligent solution that is suitable for all types of open or divided spaces that need automated distance control – offices, restaurants, shops and more.


With Houseper you can now bring along your personalised home entertainment no matter where you go! The smart home kit is perfect for your villa or for places with poor internet connection. You get 3 great benefits in just 1 small box:

  • Internet connection
  • Home automation
  • Smart TV

Houseper helps you set heating, lighting and cooling from your smartphone while traveling to your villa. Houseper can act as a WiFi router to provide you with the most reliable network in the area to play on screen your favourite entertainment during your holiday. When you are away you can view all surveillance cameras from your mobile device and get timely alerts in emergency cases thanks to the Houseper smart home technology.

4G LTE WiFi Router

Smart Home

Smart TV


If you have any questions regarding the Houseper smart home automation system, controller or devices, our expert team will be happy to help. Join us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help you customise a smart solution that best fits your needs for a comfortable smart home!