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Smart Security



Energy Saving






Smart home security devices have many features and form a valuable addition to your smart home safety. With a variety of functions and sensors, the smart security system will send immediate alarms and trigger sirens when an emergency situation occurs. This is the best automated home security solution to keep unwanted visitors away and protect your home from break-ins and theft.

  • Motion Detector
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Panic button
  • Door lock
  • Vibration sensors
  • IP Cameras
  • Zones management
  • Remote control
  • Notifications
  • Alarms
  • History
  • 24/7 monitoring


Smart security devices are mostly battery-powered with an extra-long-life battery. Another key benefit of these devices is that they are completely wireless in their communication and very easy to install.

Low consumption

Quick installation





Smart security devices can help you divide your smart home (house, apartment, office, etc.) into security zones.
A certain number of devices can be allocated to each zone and vice versa, each device can guard more than one zone. Smart devices assigned to zones can be managed together remotely which allows quick arming and disarming for overall protection. Arming/Disarming one single zone, arms/disarms all devices belonging to that zone respectively.
There are two predefined system zone modes – Day/Home Zone and Night/Sleep Zone. They cannot be deleted and/or changed, but there is no limit to adding and removing devices to them. Some devices allow for Day/Home and Night/Sleep Zones to be managed. Configuring zones and adding/removing devices to them can be modified anytime.

All Off


Door / Window Sensor

Protect your home from theft and burglary with the door/window device. It consists of two parts to be placed on both sides of the window/door frame. When the parts are separated, the device will automatically generate an alarm.


Houseper is an intelligent solution that takes care of your home security when you are away. Timely notifications and alarms will be sent to your smartphone or email in cases of burglary or break-in attempts. Houseper can trigger a siren and deter the thieves before they break into your home. Check out all smart security devices in the Shop section of our website!

Panic Button

This smart device is designed to send immediate alarms when an emergency situation occurs. Added to the Houseper system, it can send the alarm to your email, smartphone device and trigger a Siren.

Motion Sensor

This smart device can detect any motion and belongs to a group of sensors designed especially for home security. Upon detecting movement when activated, the smart sensor sends an email or smartphone notification. It can also trigger a Siren to deter unwanted visitors.

Remote Control

This device can control smart home security from a distance. The smart remote control is small, with an elegant and modern design, runs on low power consumption with a long-life battery. It can also be combined with other home security devices such as the Motion Sensor and the Door / Window Sensor.



IP cameras, just like other smart devices play a key role in securing smart home protection. They are characterised by a number of benefits regarding wireless installation and communication. IP cameras can activate alarms and depending on your personal preferences, the streams can be stored on a cloud server, so that even if a disaster event takes place and the entire home system is physically destroyed, the records will remain. However, camera recording requires disc space and when you start running out of it, the system will send an automatic alert on low disc space.


Once added to the Houseper system, you will be able to manage IP Cameras like any other device. Cameras have two states – active and inactive. Deactivate the camera and it will not generate an alarm or a record. Just like any other security device, camera alarms can be sent as notifications to smartphones, emails and even trigger a Siren device. They can be added to the Zones and controlled together with other devices, either through the Houseper app or via the Remote Control.
With the Houseper app, you can watch in real time what a camera “sees”. You can monitor up to 4 cameras at a time. Depending on the capabilities of the camera, you will be able to change the viewing angle and zooming. You can view your recordings and download them locally.
The Houseper system currently supports Foscam cameras. In general all new models with RTSP and H.264 are supported.

Motion & Sound detect

The different IP cameras can track motion and sound and can also make recordings on a remote server to allow for real-time monitoring of your home while you are away.

Pan & Tilt control

Depending on their model, most cameras have the pan-tilt option that will enable you to customise your viewing angle and zoom for a better view.



If you have any questions regarding the Houseper smart home automation system, controller or devices, our expert team will be happy to help. Join us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help you customise a smart solution that best fits your needs for a comfortable smart home!