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Houseper is a smart home automation system based on the ZigBee 3.0 protocol. At the heart of the Houseper smart kit is the smart controller, a centralised device that wirelessly controls all other connected smart devices in the system. You can build your smart home at any time and at any stage, without the need for planning, designing or repairs.

Houseper smart home does not require planning, design or subsequent implementation by specialists. You can do it all yourself! You can add and remove devices at any time, change configurations and connections between the individual elements of the system in an easy, intuitive and convenient manner.

Smart home automations runs entirely on wireless technology with no need for wiring. Houseper smart home devices form a network of connected devices that communicate with each other in a completely cordless way.

As key elements in the Houseper smart kit, smart home devices are wirelessly connected and fast to install. They simply plug into the power system or attach with double-sided flex tape.

With Houseper you can feel all the conveniences that an intelligent system can create with remote control handling of a number of appliances, processes and functionalities right from your smartphone. Thanks to Houseper, the connection to your home, office or villa is guaranteed from anywhere and anytime in the world.

The controller has a built-in battery that can last up to 12 hours (depending on the overload) in cases of power failure. Most of the smart home devices operate on batteries too and their communication with the controller will not be lost if electricity supply is down.

The controller is a device that can be used also as a Smart TV and multimedia TV box with an Android operating system. It comes with a wireless air mouse remote control with a keyboard.

Houseper is an intelligent solution that will take care of your security when you are away. Timely notifications and alarms will be sent to your smartphone in emergency cases such as a flood, fire, harmful and flammable gases, or a burglary attempt.


Houseper smart home is the perfect solution that helps you manage and control your home remotely. You can turn off and on appliances, air conditioning and lights, track power consumption statistics and optimise the use of energy-intensive appliances such as washing machines, dryers or dishwashers, monitor security, motion tracking and a whole lot more!





The Houseper home automation system is based on the ZigBee protocol. This type of solution is characterised by the fact that the smart home devices build their own separate secure network in which only they can “reside”. This network is secure and prevents external devices from joining it.


The smart controller is the key and mandatory element in the home automation system. This is the device that creates the ZigBee network and sets the rules for its operation and protection.


Smart home devices are the specific devices that communicate wirelessly with your Houseper controller for providing a variety of functionalities such as turning on/off, temperature monitoring, fire alarm, flood, open or closed door, etc. These Zigbee devices can continue to communicate and exchange data between each other, even in cases when they are disconnected from the controller.


Network extenders are also known as routers (ZigBee routers). They are smart devices that perform some additional functions in the ZigBee network:

All ZigBee routers expand the coverage. They are responsible for achieving coverage throughout the house and securing redundancy.

Both the controller and the routers have the responsibility to organise a well-protected mesh network. Each of them allows for an additional number of smart devices to connect, so the more routers there are in the ZigBee network, the more end devices can get connected to it.


IP cameras have many features for providing remote security and safety in your smart home. In cases of motion or sound tracking, they can send alerts and notifications in a similar way to all other devices. They can also make motion recordings on a remote server and allow for real-time monitoring of your home while you are away.


The controller has a built-in Houseper app, through which the system is configured, monitored and managed. The home automation system acts as a living system that can be dynamically changed and reconfigured (on air) depending on your current needs. You can move, remove or add smart devices at any time, and also change configurations and connections between them.


Install the Houseper mobile app on your phone, connect it to the controller and you will be able to monitor and manage your smart home from anywhere in the world. There is no limit to the number of mobile devices that can be connected to each controller. Remote access to the system starts with a special initial authorisation procedure, that can only be performed locally for security reasons. Once the smart device is granted access permission it will be able to connect to the system remotely. Devices that have access to the system can be viewed at any time and their access can be temporarily restricted or completely removed. You can also see which smart devices are currently connected to the system.
In cases when access to the system is suspended, it can only be restored by going through the initial authorisation procedure again.




If you have any questions regarding the Houseper smart home automation system, controller or devices, our expert team will be happy to help. Join us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help you customise a smart solution that best fits your needs for a comfortable smart home!