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Houseper smart home is a home automation system that allows you to remotely monitor and control your home, office or villa in terms of lighting, heating, power consumption, security and protection. Houseper smart home is based entirely on wireless technology and does not require wiring or repairs. You can build your smart home at any time and at any stage. At the heart of the Houseper smart kit is the smart controller, a centralised device that wirelessly controls all other connected smart devices in the system. With a nice and user-friendly layout, the Houseper mobile app, opens up all the functionalities of home automation for you to assemble and control an elegant smart home right from your smartphone!

Smart Home

Houseper smart home automation brings your home to the future

Smart Controller

The controller is the most important element in the Houseper smart home system.

Smart Devices

Plug-in, ready-to-use, connected and wireless.



The Houseper router comes in two versions. Choose the controller with a built-in 4G modem, insert the GSM card and you can surf the Internet even from the most remote places. If your home internet gets interrupted, Houseper will automatically switch to mobile internet on for you!



Houseper smart home is the perfect solution that helps you manage and control your home remotely. You can turn off and on appliances, air-conditioning and lights, track power consumption statistics and optimise the use of energy-intensive appliances such as washing machines, dryers or dishwashers, monitor security, motion tracking and a whole lot more!


The connected Houseper smart kit can be a perfect assistant to inform you in a timely manner in cases of forgotten lighting, flood, fire, harmful and flammable gases and will help you prevent damage and breakdown in your office.


Houseper will also assist security in your country house! In case of an attempted burglary, it can trigger a siren and stop the thieves even before they have crossed the threshold. You can simulate presence when you are not in and reject unwanted visitors.



Houseper Smart devices form a network of connected devices that communicate with each other in a completely wireless way, setting up your personalised smart comfort in an intelligent manner. Devices plug into the system in a fast and simple way with no repairs or drilling involved.
Houseper smart devices help you through intelligent energy savings, mastering remote control of electrical appliances, lighting, monitoring room temperature, humidity, home security and motion tracking from anyplace in the world. The Houseper smart kit offers a variety of applications, including issuing notifications and sending immediate alarms to your smartphone in cases of smoke, gas leaks, fire or flood.




Our Houseper smart energy management system helps you monitor, measure and control power consumption in an efficient manner and save on electricity bills. With Houseper statistics and reports you can keep track of electricity usage and optimise power consumption on energy-intensive appliances such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers.


Houseper smart home is a wirelessly connected system that consists of a free mobile application, a basic controller (mandatory) and multiple smart devices, grouped into categories according to their functionalities. Houseper is a mass market smart home solution, easy to plug in and customise for any space, home or office area.

Houseper Mobile App

Installed on your smartphone or tablet, the Houseper mobile allows for constant access, supervision and control of your smart home automation system. The app can connect to more then one Houseper controllers, thus providing for multiple-location smart home management. Currently available for Android devices only.

Houseper App

The Houseper Application operates with the Houseper Controller and is responsible for creating, configuring and managing your home automation system. This is the application that facilitates the wireless communication between the different smart devices and takes care of all system functionalities – remote control, monitoring, measurement and statistics in different areas and spaces.

Zigbee Devices

These are the specific devices that communicate wirelessly with your Houseper controller for providing a variety of functionalities such as turning on/off, temperature monitoring, fire alarm, flood, open or closed door, etc. These Zigbee devices can continue to communicate and exchange data between themselves, even in cases when they are disconnected from the controller.


The controller is the mandatory device that stands at the heart of the Houseper smart system. It represents an Android TV Box with an integrated Zigbee home automation module that can control a wide range of smart devices and provide for remote access to the system.


up to 12 hours

Smart TV

The Houseper smart home system does not need permanent internet connectivity. All the logic is set inside the controller, which makes it completely independent. Even when the internet connection is disrupted, all system elements preserve their functionalities in operation. The controller needs internet connectivity only to make the initial configuration or subsequent updates and to provide remote access. The smart devices communicate on a separate network, especially created by the controller for the purpose and do not need additional internet connectivity. The cameras mark the only exception, as they require internet connection for remote server video storage.

The controller has a built-in battery that can last up to 12 hours (depending on the load ) in cases of power failure. Most of the smart home devices operate on batteries as well and communication with the controller will not be lost if electricity supply is down..

The controller is a device that can be used at the same time as a computer, TV, home automation center and even a WiFi router. The controller is optimised for a multimedia computer with an Android operating system. It can be connected to a desktop monitor or turn an ordinary TV into an Android TV to play your favourite games and applications on a large screen.

Remote access to the system starts with a special initial authorisation procedure, that can only be performed locally for security reasons. Once the smart device is granted access permission it will be able to connect to the system remotely. Devices that have access to the system can be viewed at any time and their access can be temporarily restricted or completely removed. You can also see which smart devices are currently connected to the system..

The controller is available in two versions – with and without a 4G LTE module. The version with a 4G LTE module can reserve the internet connection. Thanks to the controller, the smart home automation system can operate a number of functionalities, including configuration and management of partial or entire zones, management of pre-set scenes for different occasions, generation of graphical statistics for measuring current power consumption, notification and alarm settings and more. Take a closer look at all the functionalities in the Controller section



Houseper is an intelligent solution that will take care of your security when you are away. Timely notifications and alarms sent to your smartphone in cases of flood, fire, harmful and flammable gases, will help you prevent severe damages. In cases of burglary attempt, Houseper can trigger a siren and stop the thieves before they break into your home. The system allows you to simulate presence when you are away and thus avoid unwanted visitors. When activated, cameras allow for motion tracking and can also trigger a siren to alert you immediately on what is happening. By creating security zones and activating protection on Houseper, you can manage both your entire home or certain areas with one simple click.



Houseper offers a variety of smart devices for intelligent and remote smart home automation. Check out our products and latest offers in the online store! Free standard delivery in Bulgaria on all orders over 100 BGN!



With Hosuseper you can feel all the convenience that an intelligent system can create with remote control handling of a number of appliances and functionalities such as lighting, airconditioning, heating and a whole lot more. Thanks to Houseper, the connection to your home, office or villa is guaranteed and uninterrupted anywhere and anytime in the world.




Cloud services with the Houseper solution allow you to control connected smart devices remotely via your Android smartphone. You can manage lights on and off, monitor energy consumption, security and protection of your home and more. Check out our Cloud Services section of the website!



If you have any questions regarding the Houseper smart home automation system, controller or devices, our expert team will be happy to help. Join us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help you customise a smart solution that best fits your needs for a comfortable smart home!


    With our extensive experience in providing smart home automation, our Houseper team of experts will be happy to assist with valuable insights on our home system of products and solution that would best suit your project. We can advise on the creative incorporation of the Houseper smart system to enhance your home or business interior. We also offer special discounts on major projects. Joins us for more!