Wall switch
Door sensor
Smart metering plug
IP Camera control
Gas sensor
CO detection

Smart home Houseper

    Houseper is a home automation system that allows you to monitor and manage your home, office, villa. Enjoy the comfort of warmed up home when you are returning in snow winter and the pleasant coolness in the summer heat. 

    Houseper will take care of your security. Even when you are away from home, it will keep you informed of what is happening in your preferred way. Timely notification in case of flood, fire, harmful and flammable gas will help you to prevent damages. In case of burglary attempts, it can trigger a siren and stop the thieves before they cross the threshold of your home. You can simulate a presence when you are away and outwit unwanted visitors. Activate the cameras and they will record every movement. They can also trigger a siren and immediately inform you of what is happening. Create security zones and activate the protection of the entire home or any of its areas in one click. 

    Control electricity cleverly and reduce electric bills. Keep track of electricity usage statistics and optimize the use of energy-efficient appliances such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers. Keep an optimum temperature in the premises. Check for forgotten electrical devices when you are away from home and turn them off. 

    Take care of your comfort and create different scenes that will quickly transform your home for game and fun, sleep, good morning, romance, rest... And what nicer finishing touch to of the evening than two glasses of wine and your favorite light which you have chosen among millions of colors.

Houseper Smart Home

Emergency button
Door  sensor
Color LED bulb
Alarm siren
Temperature $ humidity
Smoke sensor
Motion sensor
Switch 1 button
Water leakage
Smart plug
CO detector
Gas sensor
Remote controller