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The controller is the mandatory device that stands at the heart of the Houseper smart home automation system. The smart controller sets a network to manage communication between the connected smart devices. All system data is picked up and saved by the smart devices thus providing for the system’s security and integrity together with the controller. The controller comes with built-in software that allows you to manage different devices and appliances with one simple click from your smartphone even when you are away.

The Houseper Smart Home Controller

As a key centerpiece in the Houseper smart home system, the controller requires a special amount of attention. It brings along a certain number of features and functionalities when introduced in your smart home or area. On the one hand it is a standard smart Android device, but on the other it has a built-in 4G LTE modem, a built-in Zigbee module and last but not least, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. So many benefits in just one small box!

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The controller is a device that can be used also as a Smart TV and multimedia TV box with an Android operating system. It comes with built-in access to a significant number of free applications. With the Houseper controller you can easily play your favourite games and apps on a big screen. Thanks to the built-in media player, the controller easily becomes a multimedia center, with free access to your preferred TV channels and movies.

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The Houseper controller has a built-in GSM modem that allows you to insert a SIM card and turn the controller into a WiFi router using mobile data. The controller can secure reserved internet practically anywhere you install it. When connection is lost, the controller will automatically switch to mobile internet. The 4G modem controller is a perfect solution for your villa or house in the country, providing you with home automation, WiFi internet and smart Android TV at the same time.
Based on your personal preferences and location, mobile data can be used as a primary or as a backup solution. The Hotspot(shared mobile connection) can be configured to start automatically.
You can find the SIM slot under the bottom lid next to the battery compartment.
Thanks to the Houseper controller and the different mobile internet offerings available on the market, you can take internet coverage even to the most remote locations.

How to choose the right Houseper controller?

The controller is available in two versions – with and without the 4G LTE module. Choose the 4G LTE controller if:
– You want to have Internet in a place where there is no ISP, but there is good mobile coverage. In this case, the controller can act simultaneously as a computer, a TV set, a home automation center and even a WiFi router.
– You have an ISP, but you want to make sure that in a case of connection failure, mobile Internet will turn on and you will not loose Internet.

If you do not plan to use the mobile Internet option, then your best choice would be the basic controller model. It is perfect for you to surf the Internet, watch free TV, use Android applications and for a WiFi router if you are using LAN and last but not least – to build your smart home!



The built-in Zigbee module turns the box into a complete home automation center. All smart devices connect to the network created by the Zigbee controller and communicate with each other in a wireless way. No wirings or repairs are needed to run your smart home. All smart devices are quick and easy to install – some of them plug directly into the socket, while others are simply taped with strong double-sided tape. Zigbee devices are also characterised by low power consumption. This of course, depends on the type of device, but sometimes batteries can last for years.

The Houseper app provides for all the necessary tools for building your smart home, while with its mobile version – Houseper mobile, you can control remotely all your devices and appliances with just a tap on your smartphone or tablet.





The controller has a built-in lithium-ion battery, that, based on its load, provides up to 12 hours of autonomous operation in the event of power failure.
Most of the devices run on batteries and should electricity go down, communication between the smart devices and the controller will continue without disruption. This way, depending on the devices used, the Houseper system will be able to retain most of its functionality.
For example, if someone should intentionally cut electricity, the Houseper system will still remain on alert and you will not lose connection with your home. If a short circuit should occur leading to power failure and a potential fire, the system will immediately send you an alarm notification to help you prevent damage on time.


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