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About Us


Houseper is a Bulgarian brand, part of the Gambit OOD portfolio. Founded in 2017, GamaBit is an innovative home automation solutions company. For the past 10 years our team has gained significant experience in the field of Internet of Things (IOT), launching our first smart device, the Houseper Controller in 2018.



The Houseper brand smart devices are produced in our factory in Pleven, Bulgaria. Our factory is equipped with a modern production line and in the summer of 2020 we shall be launching our latest series of Houseper smart devices.

At Houseper we are dedicated to delivering IOT solutions that facilitate our clients with the latest technology for a completely new smart lifestyle in their home comfort, safety and remote management. Houseper is a mass market and affordable smart home solution, easy to plug in and customise for any space, home or office area. Our devices are easy and do-it-yourself designed to install as they communicate in a completely wireless way.


With a practical and elegant design, Houseper devices also bring an air of fun and entertainment. Building your smart home, element by element is like a game where each new device added to the system takes you to the next level of home comfort and technology.

Follow our News section on the website for the latest launches of new products in our portfolio.

Discover our Houseper world of smart home automation!


The GamaBit Team