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Presenting our New Houseper Door/Window, Vibration and Water Leak Smart Devices with Special Christmas Discounts!

We are happy to present our first own-brand Houseper series of smart devices, designed and produced by the Gamabit OOD team in Bulgaria. The Houseper Door/Window Smart Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Water Leak Sensor (with extensions) are wireless, battery-powered smart devices that bring the best of modern technology in automated home security and protection.

Houseper’s new smart devices will be available in our online shop starting December 2020 with a special Christmas discount throughout the end of 2020.

Our first own-brand Houseper smart home series comes with an elegant and compact design, with battery lifetime extended of up to 4 years and increased device coverage. The miniature dimensions of the new sensors are significantly smaller compared to other smart models.

Houseper detectors work with the Houseper Controller and communicate with other smart devices. They are also compatible with controllers (hubs) supporting the ZigBee 3.0 protocol.

We have given a lot of detail to the design of our new wireless Houseper smart detectors, created especially to match window frames and various interior styles as elegant and unobtrusive accessories. A set of colours is available in the Houseper palette (white, grey, brown, black), with an option for several other colours as well.

Check out our new home automation devices with special Christmas savings in our Online Shop. Don’t miss the Houseper Basic Controller deal as well. If you buy the Controller with the devices, you will have a whole new smart house wrapped under the Christmas tree for your family!

Houseper Door/Window Sensor

Houseper Vibration Sensor

Houseper Water Leak Sensor (with Extensions)

Our warmest wishes for a happy Holiday Season!

The Houseper Team

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