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Category "News"


New Houseper brand devices

by haadmin

We are happy to present our new smart devices under the Houseper brand, designed and produced by the GamaBit OOD team in Bulgaria. The new devices are: Houseper Smart Touch Sensitive Light Switch with 1 to 4 lines; Houseper Smart Touch Sensitive Light Switch with IR Receiver with 1 to 3 lines; Houseper Smart Metering Plug; Houseper Smart Control Button with 1 to 4 lines. The already familiar Houseper smart switches with electricity meter now have new software and functionalities.

The new devices are ZigBee 3.0 version and are compatible with ZigBee 3.0 gateways. They can be used with a Houseper controller or you can choose another one from the market. These can work independently, without a ZigBee controller, forming a ZigBee 3.0 network to which other ZigBee devices can be joined. So, for example, you can combine a touch-sensitive wall switch with a control button and switch lighting comfortably lying on the sofa. What’s more, you could use a smart touch light switch with a built-in IR receiver completely independently by controlling it with the TV remote.

The new devices have PIN and PUK code protection against unwanted reconfiguration. When devices are locked, they do not allow reconfiguration commands to be executed. The new Houseper devices provide the possibility to turn off/on the backlight when the line is off.

We have given a lot of detail to the design of our new Houseper smart devices, which turns them into an elegant and unobtrusive accessory to the interior. Houseper smart touch switches for lighting control are available in white and black, and with the possibility of custom design of front panels for large order.

Check out our new smart devices under the Houseper brand in our Online Shop. They will be available in September 2022.

Houseper Smart Touch Sensitive Light Switch with IR Receiver

Houseper Smart Metering Plug

Houseper Smart Control Button

Houseper Smart Touch Sensitive Light Switch

Houseper Smart Metering Switch v.2, 1xNO 16A

Houseper Smart Metering Switch with Input for On/Off Switch v.2, 1xNO 16A

The Houseper Team


New version of the Houseper smart home system

by haadmin

GamaBit Ltd. presented a new version of the Houseper smart home system. The long-awaited module for complete smart automation allows for intelligent control of all processes, as well as an option for notification by sending an SMS to the owners of the Houseper controller model with a built-in 4G LTE modem.

Another new aspect is the ability to start the light show (Loop) with color LED bulb E27 dimmable or another ZigBee device, with functionality “Color control.”

New options in the latest version of Houseper

Light show (Loop)

Owners of the Smart LED Colour Bulb E27will notice that the detailed page of devices with “Color Control” functionality now has the ability to start, stop and set up a light show. Try them out, and you will see how the smart colour bulb, when it is turned on and a light show starts, starts to change colour smoothly, going through the whole range of available colours. Changing the “Cycle Duration” in Light Show Settings will change the speed at which the colors change. Also, as the “Direction” changes, the colours change their sequence. The combination of “Saturation” and “Level Control” options will delight Houseper smart home users with truly unlimited possibilities for a beautiful and spectacular light show.

Houseper Smart Lighting

SMS notification

In addition to email and smartphone notifications, the Houseper Smart Home system will now offer instant SMS notification to SIM card controllers. It is also a second, independent messaging channel that works even when the internet connection fails because it uses the GSM network. This new moment is extremely important in the event of events such as fire, flood or gas leak.

Houseper SMS Notifications

Automatic control module

The goal of the new module for smart automation in the Houseper smart home system is to make it as easy as possible for users to automate basic everyday tasks in various categories of smart experience – energy efficiency, lighting, heating, protection, security, etc.

The new options for automated control of the smart home will be able to combine several smart devices within the home, with the setting of different actions. For example, automatic control of the operation of air conditioners or heating appliances with options for setting an event when opening and closing a window, adjusting the humidity and temperature in a room with predefined settings for certain days and time ranges, automating home security when there is no one at home, personalized flood notification and even tracking and controlling the time spent by the child with the video game console.

The new smart automation module is easy and convenient to program!

In the special section of our Smart Automation website you will find detailed instructions on how to use the new Houseper module for smart automation, and you will be convinced that building a smart home can be easy, affordable and fun for everyone.

Update to the new version of the Houseper and Houseper Mobile applications

For Houseper Mobile, the new version is available on Google Play, where you can download and install it.

For the Houseper Controllers app, go to Houseper App Settings and select “Check for Updates.” A dialog will appear with a brief description of the new version. Confirm the dialog to download and install it.

Operating system (OS) of a controller with a SIM card – to take advantage of the ability to send SMS messages, your controller must have a built-in 4G LTE modem.

In Applications, launch “UPDATE & BACKUP” and select “Online update”.
In case your controller does not have a built-in 4G LTE modem, it is not a problem to update the version of your operating system. You will receive the latest versions of the applications

Examples of smart home automation

At Houseper, we have made sure that the smart home system not only acts as a daily helper, but also brings entertainment. It is suitable for use in a house or apartment, as well as for a remote villa, second home or even for assistance with daily processes in the store or office.

See examples of practical automation that are already possible after the last update of the system, and you will be able to program for execution yourself with the help of the application:

Flood, fire or gas leak in the kitchen

In addition to the existing notifications to a smartphone or e-mail, you will now be able to receive SMS in case of a critical event that requires your immediate intervention. For example, in a case of a fire, gas leak or flood, a clever algorithm can be set up to notify you in a timely manner so, you will be able to react as quickly as possible and minimize damage. This can happen, for example, with the next smart devices: Houseper Water Leak Sensor, Photoelectric Smoke Sensor, Gas Sensor. An algorithm is created, which in the case of one or more of the following events – flood, fire or gas leak, immediately will send you an SMS, email and or notification to the phone.

Energy Saving

Houseper Smart Metering Switch, 1xNO 16A is installed in the socket where the air conditioner is plugged, and Houseper Door/Window Smart Sensor is placed on the window. An automatic control algorithm is created in which, when the window is opened, the air conditioner turns off automatically. Accordingly, after ventilating and closing the window, the air conditioner turns on again automatically.

Child Control

The Houseper smart home system can be an effective helper even during the summer holidays, when children often spend too much time in front of the TV, PlayStation or computer. For this purpose, a Houseper Smart Metering Switch, 1xNO 16A  is installed in the socket where the TV, PlayStation or computer is connected. A smart automatic algorithm is created that sends SMS, email and / or notification to the parent’s phone when the current electricity consumption becomes greater than zero.

See step by step how to program the above and more examples to build practical home smart automation on a specially created page on the site:
Smart Automation

The Houseper Team

Houseper smart home system

Among the main advantages of the smart home devices with the Houseper brand are the low price, the minimalist dimensions and elegant discreet design, as well as the long battery life and network expansion options. The Houseper smart home system and its components manufactured in Bulgaria can be controlled wirelessly by the eponymous multifunction controller (hub) of the brand – Houseper controller.
You can view all devices and current offers in our online store and contact us for a consultation at sales@houseper.com and support@houseper.com.


Houseper Smart Home Devices Pass Successful Compatibility Tests for Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

by haadmin

Our team at Houseper is happy to announce that we have successfully tested our new Houseper range of smart home device for compatibility with Amazon Echo (4th Gen). This is good news for all smart home automation fans who have started building their intelligent homes and would like to try our latest products, designed and produced in Bulgaria by the GamaBit company.

Our tests for the Houseper Zigbee 3.0 smart sensors have shown that the voice assistant can connect to and command our devices that run on this smart automation protocol. Once the Amazon Echo is installed and operating, the “Alexa, discover devices” voice command is used to add the Houseper devices to the network. The smart voice assistant is then ready to offer intelligent management of automated home security and protection using our Houseper Door/Window Sensor, Houseper Vibration Sensor and Houseper Water Leak Sensor (with Extensions).

Our first own-brand Houseper smart home series comes with an elegant and compact design, with battery lifetime extended of up to 4 years, attractive prices and increased device coverage. The miniature dimensions of the new sensors are significantly smaller compared to other smart models. Houseper detectors work also with the Houseper Controller and communicate with other smart devices.
Check out all our products and special offers at our Online shop. If you need help, feel free to email us at sales@houseper.com и support@houseper.com.

The Houseper Team


Save Big on Our Basic Houseper Controller

by haadmin

Christmas deals at Houseper are on and we are happy to present our Houseper Basic Controller special price valid throughout 2020!

The Houseper Basic Controller and the Houseper Basic Controller 4G (LTE) are budget solutions that come without the air mouse and battery on pack. This is the only difference from the the Houseper Controller and  Houseper Controller 4G (LTE) products.

The Basic Controllers are suitable to be used in areas with stable and constant power supply and make a perfect choice if you are only just beginning to discover the benefits of smart home automation. You can always order the air mouse and battery as additional options, once you should decide you need them.

The Houseper Controller (hub) is the mandatory device that stands at the heart of the Houseper smart home automation system. The smart Controller sets a network to manage communication between the connected smart devices. All system data is picked up and saved by the smart devices thus providing for the system’s security and integrity together with the Controller.

The Houseper Basic Controller is an affordable device and a great gift for someone special who wants to dwell into the world of smart home automation! Check it out in our Online Shop and make your home smarter for 2021! Our Christmas deal will remain valid through December 31st, 2020 or until stock lasts:

Houseper Basic Controller

Houseper Basic Controller 4G (LTE)

Warmest wishes for the Holiday Season!

The Houseper Team


Presenting our New Houseper Door/Window, Vibration and Water Leak Smart Devices with Special Christmas Discounts!

by haadmin

We are happy to present our first own-brand Houseper series of smart devices, designed and produced by the Gamabit OOD team in Bulgaria. The Houseper Door/Window Smart Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Water Leak Sensor (with extensions) are wireless, battery-powered smart devices that bring the best of modern technology in automated home security and protection.

Houseper’s new smart devices will be available in our online shop starting December 2020 with a special Christmas discount throughout the end of 2020.

Our first own-brand Houseper smart home series comes with an elegant and compact design, with battery lifetime extended of up to 4 years and increased device coverage. The miniature dimensions of the new sensors are significantly smaller compared to other smart models.

Houseper detectors work with the Houseper Controller and communicate with other smart devices. They are also compatible with controllers (hubs) supporting the ZigBee 3.0 protocol.

We have given a lot of detail to the design of our new wireless Houseper smart detectors, created especially to match window frames and various interior styles as elegant and unobtrusive accessories. A set of colours is available in the Houseper palette (white, grey, brown, black), with an option for several other colours as well.

Check out our new home automation devices with special Christmas savings in our Online Shop. Don’t miss the Houseper Basic Controller deal as well. If you buy the Controller with the devices, you will have a whole new smart house wrapped under the Christmas tree for your family!

Houseper Door/Window Sensor

Houseper Vibration Sensor

Houseper Water Leak Sensor (with Extensions)

Our warmest wishes for a happy Holiday Season!

The Houseper Team


Summer Offer at Houseper

by haadmin

Summer is that lovely time of the year when you want to travel but you still want to stay connected and informed about everything happening at home. Thanks to the Houseper smart home automation, you can now have the connection to your home, office or villa guaranteed and uninterrupted anywhere and anytime in the world!

With our special summer promotion at the Houseper Online Shop, if you now buy a smart home Controller, you now get a free Smart Dimmable LED Bulb, free 3-month pack of Cloud Services and free standard delivery within Bulgaria! What a perfect time to start building your smart home from scratch!

The Сontroller (hub) is the most important element in the Houseper smart home system. It can control a wide range of smart devices and provide for remote access to the system.

And that is not all! The Controller is a device that can be used at the same time as a computer, TV, home automation center and even a WiFi router. It can be connected to a desktop monitor or turn an ordinary TV into an Android set to play your favourite games and applications on a large screen anywhere you go.

The Houseper Controller model that has a built-in GSM modem with a SIM card easily turns the Controller into a WiFi router using mobile data and you can have your own Internet connection throughout your vacation this summer! There are so many benefits that come with just one small box! Check out our smart home Controller and learn more how you can remotely turn off and on appliances, air-conditioning and lights, get emergency alerts in cases of flood, fire and gas leakage or even prevent break-ins into your home, office or villa right from your smartphone!

Welcome to our Houseper world of smart home automation, it starts with the Controller and is now just within a single click away!

The promotion will remain valid through August 31, 2020 or while stock lasts.



Welcome to Our New Houseper Website

by haadmin

Welcome to Houseper’s new website and online shop, where you will find great prices on a variety of smart products to automate your home, office or villa. Check out our detailed sections on how the Houseper smart home system of devices works for intelligent and remote home automation. Whatever your property size or smart area design may be, we’ve got you covered with the Houseper smart solution.

Check out our products and latest offers in our online shop, we offer free standard delivery within Bulgaria on all orders over 100 BGN!

Follow our News section here to find out more about our latest promotions and new product launches.

If you have any questions regarding the Houseper smart home automation system, controller or devices, our expert team will be happy to help. Join us for a free consultation and we will be glad to help you customise a smart solution that best fits your needs for a comfortable smart home!

Contact us:

Phone: +359 878 44 02 76

Email: support@houseper.com

Welcome to Houseper’s smart world of intelligent comfort!