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Houseper Smart Home Devices Pass Successful Compatibility Tests for Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

Our team at Houseper is happy to announce that we have successfully tested our new Houseper range of smart home device for compatibility with Amazon Echo (4th Gen). This is good news for all smart home automation fans who have started building their intelligent homes and would like to try our latest products, designed and produced in Bulgaria by the GamaBit company.

Our tests for the Houseper Zigbee 3.0 smart sensors have shown that the voice assistant can connect to and command our devices that run on this smart automation protocol. Once the Amazon Echo is installed and operating, the “Alexa, discover devices” voice command is used to add the Houseper devices to the network. The smart voice assistant is then ready to offer intelligent management of automated home security and protection using our Houseper Door/Window Sensor, Houseper Vibration Sensor and Houseper Water Leak Sensor (with Extensions).

Our first own-brand Houseper smart home series comes with an elegant and compact design, with battery lifetime extended of up to 4 years, attractive prices and increased device coverage. The miniature dimensions of the new sensors are significantly smaller compared to other smart models. Houseper detectors work also with the Houseper Controller and communicate with other smart devices.
Check out all our products and special offers at our Online shop. If you need help, feel free to email us at sales@houseper.com и support@houseper.com.

The Houseper Team

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