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The sensor is used to detect and prevent gas leakage hazards. It is equipped with a high quality gas sensor with high sensitivity and when the gas density in the air exceeds the allowable level, it generates an alarm through a red flashing LED light and the integrated siren.

Gas sensor

The unit plugs directly into the socket and easily connects to the Houseper system. When it is activate and a gas leak is detected, an alarm indicator will be displayed Alarm and depending on your settings, it can send an instant notification to smart phone, emails, and trigger a Siren device. It is a part of the group of home security devices and as such it can have different types of alarms, such as:

    Missing device Missing device when the connection to the device is lost. 

    Trouble  Trouble, indicates device malfunction.


  • Basic
  • Identify
  • Zone

Alarm indication:

  • Red LED flash;
  • Build-in “beep” sound alarm;
  • Siren activation from HOUSEPER system;
  • Smart phone notification from HOUSEPER system;
  • Mail from HOUSEPER system.

Join network:

  1. Insert  the gas detector into socket. Buzzer will “beep” once and green LED blink once;
  2. Yellow, red and green LEDs start repetitively flashing for 3 minutes, finishing with permanent green light;
  3. Press “Add device” button under the Settings tab in HOUSEPER application;
  4. Keep pressing the device button located in the little hole for 2 seconds till green LED start flashing quickly;
  5. Green LED stops flash and starts lighting permanently after successful join;
  6. Device appears on Devices tab in HOUSEPER application.

Leave network:

  1. Press the device button located in the little hole for 5 seconds to leave the network;
  2. After the device leaves HOUSEPER network, the green light flashes slowly for 3 seconds.

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