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The smart siren protects from robbery and can even wake sleeping people up in cases of fire, flood, leakage of harmful and flammable gases and other life-threatening events. It can be combined with all the home security devices available. The smart siren has both an active and an inactive mode and it can be triggered even when inactive to warn of extremely dangerous situations.




When a new security device is added to the Houseper system, it inherits the default settings for sending notifications and triggering the siren. For any such device, these settings can be easily modified to meet current needs in an optimal way.
The smart siren has a built-in battery that can supply it up to 4 hours in case of a power outage. In addition, it will generate an AC Mains alarm, which will be indicated by the next icon AC Mains and it can even trigger itself, producing a loud sound and flashing light.


  • Basic
  • Power Configuration
  • Identify
  • Zone

Join network:

  1. Plug the Siren into a socket;
  2. Press “Add device” button under the Settings tab in HOUSEPER application;
  3. Press the device button located in the little hole for 2 seconds till the Smart Siren flash quickly (twice/second);
  4. The light will go off after successful join;
  5. Device appears on Devices tab in HOUSEPER application.

Leave network:

  1. Press the device button located in the little hole for 5 seconds to leave the network;
  2. After the device leaves HOUSEPER network, the light will flash for 3 seconds (once/second).

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