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This device can control smart home security from a distance. The smart remote control is small and elegant, runs on low power consumption with a long-life battery. It can also be combined with other home security devices such as the Motion Sensor and the Door / Window Sensor. When these devices are added to any zone, they can be activated / deactivated by remote control.

Remote control

The device has 4 buttons: 

  •  To activate all zones presented as closed padlock. 
  • To deactivate all zones presented as open padlock. 
  • To activate a Day/Home zone presented as a house. 
  • To generate alarm  „Emergency“, when the remote is activated.

The device comes with a convenient keychain design. When leaving home, press the Activate All Zone button to turn on the overall protection of your home. Before you enter in, deactivate all areas to prevent an alarm.


  • Basic
  • Power Configuration
  • Zone Control
  • Zone

Alarm indication:

  • Red LED flash;
  • Siren activation from HOUSEPER system;
  • Smart phone notification from HOUSEPER system;
  • Mail from HOUSEPER system.

Buttons description:

  • Left button: Arm all zones;
  • Top button: Arm Day/Home Zone;
  • Right button: Disarm all zones;
  • Bottom button: Activate “Emergency” alarm.

Join network:

  1. Press “Add device” button under the Settings tab in HOUSEPER application;
  2. Press the device button located in the little hole for 2 seconds till green LED flash quickly;
  3. Green LED keeps on for 3 seconds after successful join;
  4. Device appears on Devices tab in HOUSEPER application.

Leave network:

  1. Press the device button located in the little hole for 5 seconds to leave the network;
  2. After the device leaves HOUSEPER network, the green light flashes slowly for 3 seconds.


* The batteries are included


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5.750 × 3.450 × 1.300 cm


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