Houseper Smart Metering Switch with Input for On/Off Switch, 1xNO 16A


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! This device needs a Zigbee controller (hub / gateway). You can control it with one of the existing Zigbee controllers on the market or choose a Houseper controller

The Houseper Smart Metering Switch is a built-in device, designed for remote and intelligent control of electrical appliances. The device has an input for connecting an electrical switch, and its small dimensions allow for apparatus box integration, without conflicting your interior design harmony. With the help of this device, various electrical appliances can be controlled, both through the electrical switch connected to it and remotely. It is suitable for controlling lighting, water pumps, fans, etc.
Houseper Smart Metering Switch Reports
The Houseper Smart Metering Switch represents a commutator with a normally open single contact. It allows for controlling appliances with up to 16A load and 220 V power supply and for both current and total power consumption measurement. When its built-in overload or overheat protection is triggered, the device will switch off the load and will generate an “Electricity failure” alarm. The appliance that has been plugged into the smart switch will remain turned off, once power is restored.

In addition to managing various electrical appliances, Houseper’s Smart Metering Switch also measures electricity consumption. When connected to the Houseper Smart Home System, the device sends data to the app that collects and processes it in order to provide pleasant graphical statistics for current load, total daily and nighttime electricity and calculated cash value of the energy consumed. It’s a perfect assistant for keeping track of statistics for optimising electricity consumption and reducing electricity bills.

Houseper Smart Metering Switch Reports

If you have several smart switches installed, you can mark them all as “Main electromer”. Their measured data will be accumulated to the total for your smart home consumption and you will be able to track statistics throughout your smart property.

Houseper’s Smart Metering Switch supports the “Identify” functionality. For example, if you have more than one smart metering switches  installed and you haven’t changed their names when adding them to the Houseper system, they will all share the same name and you will not be sure which one is which. In a situation like this, simply run the “Identify” functionality and the corresponding switch will start flashing. Now you will know which one it is and you can name it “Convector Heater” for example and even specify the room it is located in. This applies to all devices that support the “Identify” functionality. 

The device supports Scenes. You can mount it into the apparatus box behind an electrical switch that controls a fan for example. Now you can combine the switch with other smart devices and create a scene that includes a fan and a Smart LED Colour Bulb in light show mode for example. Name the scene “Cool”, sit comfortably and create one and the same cool atmosphere with one button touch.
Houseper’s Smart Metering Switch is also a network extender, meaning that it expands the overall coverage and capacity of the smart home system.


This smart device works with the Houseper Controller and communicates with other smart devices. It is also compatible with other controllers (hubs) supporting the ZigBee 3.0 protocol.
This product has been tested successfully with Amazon Echo (4th Gen) . 

Houseper Smart Metering Switch 1xNO 16A



  • Basic
  • Identify
  • Consumption metering
  • On/Off
  • Scenes


Houseper Smart Metering Switch Sheme

          Fig. 1

  1. Switch power off.
  2. Install the device as indicated on Fig.1.
  3. Switch power on. The device will switch on and start searching to join an open ZigBee network. The LED indicator will start flashing. The device will make 3 attempts to join an open network.

Houseper Smart Metering Switch Sheme

          Fig. 2

Joining the Network:

  1. Press the Add Device Button in the Houseper app. If you are using a different controller, follow the corresponding instructions for adding a new device.
  2. Press and hold the Network Button (Fig.1) for 3 seconds. The LED indicator will flash 12 times for 3 seconds and when finding an open ZigBee network, it will complete successful joining.
    * Alternatively, if the device has not been connected to a ZigBee network, you can switch power off for about 30 seconds. When power is switched on again, the device will start automatically searching to join an open ZigBee network.

Leaving the network:

           Press and hold the Network Button (Fig.1) for 10 seconds. The LED indicator will flash 3 times for 2 seconds and the device will leave the ZigBee network.

Network status:

        Press the Network Button once without holding. The LED indicator will start flashing:

  • 2 times, if the device is not part of a ZigBee network.
  • 4 times, if the device is already part of a ZigBee network.

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